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  • Ammo by Mig Jimenez

    The difference between an average modeller and excellent modeller is not based on the tools used by each of them, nor is it based on the airbrush, paints, or models that they purchase. What really makes a modeler different from the others is their "experience". The experience is not limited to models, but includes all things in life. Experience makes us evolve, improve, move forward, discover new worlds, and take aim at new targets. In short, our experiences make us better in all aspects of life. Everything a modeler needs to make better models can be discovered through experience. Unfortunately for modelers, experience is always linked to time and time is the most limited resource in our lives.

    AMMO of Mig Jimenez is now, without a doubt, the most experienced company in the world in weathering products and modeling effects. All of this experience is now within your reach, in the most comprehensive collection of modeling products available, created and perfected over many years through the hard work and experiences of a modeler: Mig Jimenez.

    A lifetime dedicated to the development of techniques for modeling, teaching, and disseminating many techniques and tricks, has resulted in a number of products that have been perfected through natural selection. From the creation of his first company Mig Productions and then AK Interactive: the experience gained through the many years of product development has resulted in the final collection, AMMO: of Mig Jimenez. Here each product is a refinement of the above, where all of the details have been improved, where formulas have been adjusted for maximum quality, performance, and efficiency to meet the demands of even the most experienced and talented modelers.

    Only with AMMO you can cover all of your needs, from primers and accurate base colors to more realistic and stunning weathering. You no longer need to waste time looking for mixtures, mixing ratios, or problem solving. You can absorb and utilize all the experience of decades instantly, leaving you free to concentrate on creating your models. And this is what all creative modellers seek in the end: the fastest route between the idea and the final model. AMMO is the highway that connects your ideas to excellent final results.

    We are the ammunition of modeling and we will be in the field with you now as we have been in the past - bringing your imagination and your models together.

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    Ammo by Mig Jimenez

  • Woodland Scenics

    Woodland Scenics is the world leader in realistic model scenery for model railroads, architectural layouts, displays, dioramas, gaming, military models, miniatures and more.

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    Woodland Scenics

  • Hobby 2000
  • Takom
  • Hobby Zone

    Hobby Zone is a company from Poland that offers you useful items which enable you to improve your working conditions and keep the work space clean and tidy.

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  • AK Interactive

    In recent years we have experienced many great advances in scale modeling, in fact, many say that we are living in the “golden age of modeling. With an ever increasing number of new modeling brands and manufacturers, subjects that were only a distant dream only a few years ago are now available to us. In this increasingly crowded market, AK Interactive retains leadership. Our advantage is a result of our relentless pursuit of innovative ideas and our commitment to the modeler. AK Interactive is the benchmark by which all others are measured. The products shown in this catalogue are carefully designed, developed and tested in order to provide you with the highest standard of any products found on the market, satisfying the needs of both the professional and beginning modeler alike. Due to their ease of use and excellent results, our products open new possibilities for even for the most demanding modeler, those who insist upon maximum realism on their models as they explore and experiment with new products and original ideas. Even this catalogue is an innovative product, packed with inspiring images of models from the most famous modelers in the world, and includes tutorials demonstrating the products along with the techniques used. We intend this catalogue to be a collectable item, a lasting reference to help expand your modelling knowledge regardless of your skill level. In addition, you will find that our range of products is complimented with highly informative and beautiful modeling manuals and techniques books, which are the finest on the market. All this, coupled with the best service and attention from everyone in our company, have made us the most reputable brand in the industry.

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    AK Catalogus

  • Abteilung502

    The Abteilung 502 brand is a successful brand with clear ideas, launching products and innovating under the highest quality parameters. What began as an interest in providing the modeler with products to complete and complement their work, slowly evolved towards a sensitivity to develop even better products with aesthetics and design clearly inclined by the color black and silver that confer the character and identity of the brand, shadow and light. These are the foundation stones for the creativity of the products and offer the modeler the gateway to a model and finishes that are even more artistic and exclusive. This doesn't only apply to our consumable products, but Abteilung 502 also handles publication work for the best historians and photographers who can provide new and accurate information and documentation on their subjects.

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  • Mig* Productions

    The products from Mig Productions have been adapted to the current standards of our hobby, making this brand even more attractive. All the paint products, accesories and the resins kits are of the highest quality. It should also be remembered that we are facing the oldest brand dedicated to weathering of models. But what really engage the followers are the many innovations that are added and the evolutionary and innovative ideas of his team and employees with the aim of consolidating Mig Productions as a leading brand in the sector. Some of its producs and resins have become classics for this hobby lovers, some of the old ones have been launched for last time as Limited Editions, perfect for modelers or collectors. Mig Productions is a brand that always can surprise us.

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    Mig* Productions

  • Doozy

    American subjects are fascinating not only for Americans.

    American TV series have proven very popular with audiences

    in many countries. In 1970s and 1980s, a lot of American TV

    series such as McCloud, The Rockford Files, Starsky

    and Hutch, The A-Team, CHiPs, etc., were broadcasted

    all around the world, also increasing the interest in U.S.

    landscapes, streets, houses, and cars amongst modelers.

    The 1/24 scale is the perfect size for civil modeling, and

    Mr. Yasuhiro Okugawa founded Doozy Modelworks many

    years ago to manufacture accessories in this scale, focusing

    on subject with the American flavor. Offering both his classic creations

    and newly developed items under the Doozy label. All

    the products are now produced in Europe. If you want to

    represent the essence of America in 1/24 scale, this is your


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    Doozy Catalogus

  • Green Stuff World
  • Warlord Games

    Designers, manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed 28mm miniatures in plastic, metal and resin..

    Warlord Games Catalogue

  • RedgrassGames
  • MiniArt
  • ZXZ
  • ULV
  • Games Workshop
  • Faller

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